Nat Geo Shares 15 Unexpected Places to Go Skiing

unusual ski towns malam jabba

Winter is here, and if you’re lucky you have plenty of snow to play in. But, if you’re one of those winter warriors who is always on the lookout for new places to ski and snowboard than National Geographic has some suggestions you may not have considered in the past. In fact, they’ve assembled 15 of the most unexpected ski areas that you’ll want to put on your radar.

Some of the suggestions include Malam Jabba in Pakistan, which is the only ski resort in a country that is filled with impressive mountains, and Masikryong, North Korea, which falls behind the veil of secrecy and propaganda that permeates that nation. And if neither of those are unusual enough destinations for you, give Riksgränsen, Sweden a shot. It is home to the northern-most ski area in the world, a full 200 km (125 miles) above the Arctic Circle.

Whether you enjoy skiing remote backcountry or unique resorts, this list has something for everyone. Ranging from Lebanon to Afghanistan, to Alabama, you’ll find a ski area to fit your needs, including some in the most unexpected places.

Check out the full list here.

Kraig Becker