Gear Closet: The RinseKit Pressurized Portable Shower

RINSEKIT Product 1000pxEvery once in awhile a piece of gear comes along that sounds good on paper, but it doesn’t necessarily click just how useful it can be until you’ve actually tried it. That was exactly the case for me with the RinseKit, a personal, portable shower that is one of the most interesting pieces of kit that I’ve seen in a long time that I’m convinced is a great addition to anyone’s gear closet.

I first heard about the RinseKit last summer, when the product was first being introduced. Reading about it, it sounded like something that would be really useful for many outdoor enthusiasts in a wide variety of circumstances. I became convinced of that when I first saw the product in person at Summer Outdoor Retailer in August, so of course I was eager to get my hands on one myself, which I did a couple of weeks back.

The concept behind the RinseKit is a simple – but brilliant – one. The idea is to use natural water pressure to create a steady output of water that can be used for any number of purposes without the need for batteries or pumping. The product itself is pretty much a portable tank that can hold up to two gallons of water inside a rugged plastic case. The entire thing weights 9 pounds when it is empty and 24 pounds when it is filled with water, which makes it easy to carry around just about anywhere, although you won’t be lugging it into the backcountry.

Popping the top on that case reveals a hose, nozzle, and a special adapter for connecting the RinseKit to the same water spigot that you use with your garden hose. (An optional adapter for your kitchen sink is also available) With that adapter installed, you simply remove then nozzle, hook the hose up to the spout, and turn it on. It takes about 20 seconds to fill the tank, which builds up pressure from the water spigot as you go. That same pressure is used to pump the water back out using the nozzle once you’re ready to use it.

The nozzle resembles something you’d also use on your garden hose, although it has multiple settings to allow you to dial in exactly the type of spray that you’d like to use. For instance, it has a shower setting that is perfect for hosing yourself off after a long day on the trail, while other settings provide a higher pressure setting for other activities. When completely full, the RinseKit can provide up to four minutes of spray before it needs to be refilled again.

This is one of those items that you’ll probably find more uses for the longer you own it. For instance, I’ve had mine a couple of weeks, and I’ve already used it to clean my grill, wash off my mountain bike, and give my puppy a bath. It will also come in handy later in the summer when paddling season starts and I get the chance to test a new stand-up paddleboard that was sent my way.

Surfers, fishermen, and car campers will love the RinseKit. It provides high pressure water for a multitude of uses, and it provides the opportunity to truly clean off at the end of the day. It is actually impressive how well this product works, and I think it is an extremely useful tool to have at your disposal.

The RinseKit is priced at $90, which probably sounds like a lot for a water tank that holds two gallons of liquid. But it is the other functionality that makes this a product that really stands out. Being able pump out a steady stream of high pressure water without the need for batteries or pumping   comes in very handy, and I think you’ll find it just as useful as do.

Check out the RinseKit in action in the video below, and find out more at

Kraig Becker