Adventurers to Attempt Atlantic to the Pacific Crossing of Amazon

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We’ve seen some pretty impressive expeditions through the Amazon Rainforest over the years, and it looks like we can soon add another interesting one to the list. Filmmaker Reza Pakravan is joining forces with journalist Pip Stewart on an epic adventure that will take them across the Amazon starting  at it’s Atlantic coast and ending in the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, they’ll pass through remote sections of Brazil and Peru, while spending time living with the indigenous tribes that still inhabit this part of the world.

The duo, who are planning on starting the expedition today, hope to create a four-part documentary series about their journey, which will look at the way various changes to their environment is impacting the lives of the Amazon people. Severe deforestation, climate change, and other factors have become a severe threat to the lifestyle of these tribes, potentially ending a way of life that has existed relatively unchanged for centuries.

Reza and Pip will be traveling by bike and boat across the Amazon. They’ll start at the mouth of the mighty Amazon River in Belem in Brazil and eventually ending in Lima, Peru. Most of the journey will be done on bike (both are accomplished adventure cyclists), but they will take a boat up the Purus River in order to cross one very remote section of the route.

Dubbed the Transamazonica expedition, the plan is to follow a road of the same name that was built in the 70’s to help open travel and commercialization of the rainforest. That road covers some 4000 km (2485 miles), and has been a major boon for companies who have logged and developed the Amazon Rainforest. The hope is that this expedition will help raise awareness of the challenges that are currently faced by the people living in the rainforest basin, which is undergoing significant changes.

It should certainly be interesting to follow Reza and Pip’s adventure, which you can do on both of their websites linked above.

Transamazonica ver Crowdfunding from Samarcanda Film on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker