Men’s Journal Gives Us 14 Epic One Day Adventures

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Last Friday was a National Day of Adventure, and while I wasn’t in the country to celebrate, you can bet I was off on an adventure of my own that day. Hopefully you took advantage of the opportunity and hit your favorite trail, climbed a new route, paddled some open water, or did something equally fun as part of the celebration. But if not, Men’s Journal is here to help with a list of 14 epic adventures that you can do in a single day.
Whether you like ride a mountain or road bike, prefer to hike on your own two feet, or are down for some aquatic adventures, this list has something for you. For instance, some of the suggestions that earn a nod from the MJ editors include a hike to the summit of 5267-foot (1605 meter) Mount Katahdin in Maine or trekking through the Vermilion Cliffs of Arizona. Other options range from riding a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail on your mountain bike to cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, North Carolina. And for those who prefer their adventures to be waterborne, the list suggests running the Upper Gauley River in West Virginia, which is at its peak this time of year with Class III to V rapids.

I won’t spoil the entire list, as half the fun is discovering what adventures actually made the cut. Needless to say however, there some great suggestions here with destinations spread out across the entire U.S. Chances are, you live fairly close to several of these places, and could potentially fit one or two of them in on a busy weekend.

Of course, this list is also a good reminder that there are plenty of opportunities for adventure just outside our door at all times. Perhaps its time to head out and explore some of those options and remember why there is no place like home.

Kraig Becker