Himalaya Fall 2017: Teams Begin Plotting Summit Bids

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The weather in the Himalaya is starting to improve after several days of snow and rain last week. That means that teams are on the move one again as they continue their acclimatization efforts, with some even starting to think about their eventual summit bids.

There has been plenty of rain in Dhaulagiri Base Camp all season long, but things are starting to improve there. So much so that 78-year old Carlos Soria and his team are starting to plan their second summit bid. Their first attempt to climb the mountain was thwarted when they took the wrong path to the top. They have since returned to BC, rested up, and waited out the weather. They now hope to launch their second attempt on the summit later this week.

Meanwhile, over on Manaslu, the teams have also resumed their acclimatization efforts. The weather had kept them at lower altitudes for a few days as well, but now that conditions are improving, the numerous teams on the mountain are eager to get started once again. To that end, the Adventure Consultants have moved up to Camp 2, arriving at that point earlier today, with a few members of the squad actually continuing up to C3 as well. Tomorrow theyโ€™ll return to Base Camp for some rest, and will once again look at the forecast to decide their next move. When they go back up the mountain next time, it will be to launch their summit bid.

Seven Summits Treks now has parts of their team spread out all over the mountain, including a team that is on its way to the top today. Others are spread out in virtually every camp, from C1 up to C3. Some are still wrapping up their final acclimatization rotations, while others are standing by to go to the summit as well. If the weather holds throughout the week, there should be a steady stream of climbers going to the top.

The Summit Climb team moved up to Camp 2 today, with plans on moving to C3 tomorrow and launching a summit push on Wednesday. They seem to be a part of the large group that is on the move on Manaslu at the moment, and should wrap up their expedition over the next few days.

Manaslu has been incredibly crowded this season, with more than 250 foreign mountaineers on that peak alone. From the sounds of things, many of them are currently on the move, which should make the next few days especially interesting. It should be noted however, that the Himalayan Experience team has already picked up and left for home. The squad successfully place two clients on the summit last week, and as a result has wrapped up operations for the season.

Thatโ€™s all for today. Weโ€™ll be keeping a close eye on things over the next few days, as it looks like it should be very interesting on Manaslu and Dhaulagiri alike.

Kraig Becker