Men’s Journal Names the 25 Most Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years

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A couple of weeks back I shared a link from Men’s Journal that listed the 25 most adventurous men of the past 25 years, turning the spotlight on some impressive figures that we’ve followed closely here at The Adventure Blog. That group of impressive guys wasn’t without controversy, as I felt there were a few deserving men who were left off the list. Now, MJ is back at it again, this time introducing its picks for the 25 most adventurous women as well.

As with its first list, each of the entires includes a photo of the adventurer in action and a few paragraphs explaining why she has earned a spot in this group. For instance, Sarah McNair-Landry starts things off thanks to her long and impressive resume of polar travel. She’s joined by the likes of Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, who has been at the forefront of the conservation movement for decades, and thru-hiker Jennifer Pharr Davis, who once held the speed record for hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Other ladies who make the cut include ocean explorer Céline Cousteau, filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, and climber Steph Davis. The rest of the list you’ll have to discover for yourself, as it is once again filled with some impressive explorers, thought-leaders, and all-around badass women.

Just like with the men’s list, there are a few ladies that I think are missing, but with a limit of 25 people, it is impossible to fit them all in. But this is definitely a great group of ladies who deserve the honor, with all of them having no problem standing alongside the men in their field. In this day and age when there simply can’t be enough role models for both young girls and boys, these individuals are certainly worth celebrating.

Check out the entire list here.

Kraig Becker