On the Road Again: Traveling to Sedona in Arizona

DSC 0029

As mentioned last week, I’ve started another busy travel schedule that not only had me on the road then, but again this week, with the potential for more to come over the next couple of weeks as well. Tomorrow I’ll head to Sedona, Arizona for a couple of days of trail running, mountain biking, and gear testing. While there, I’ll likely not have much time for updating the blog, although as always there are a few stories I’m keeping an eye on and if and big news breaks I’ll be sure to post it. This is a relatively short trip and I’ll be back home on Friday and will resume regular posting on Monday. 

One update I will make when I can is that a new episode of The Adventure Podcast should still land tomorrow as usual. I’ll be sure to write a post for regular listeners who like to know what the topic is and when the show is available. This week we had a fun discussion about the toughest activities in outdoor exploration that I think many of you will really like. 
I’ll be back soon with more news from the Himalaya and other big adventurous projects taking place around the world. Until then, go have a few adventures of your own. Back soon!
Kraig Becker