Gear Closet: Pacsafe’s 3L Travelsafe and Vibe 28 Backpack are Good for the Environment

Today is World Turtle Conservation Day, which may not seem like a big deal, but when when you consider the amount of waste being dumped into our oceans, it takes on more significance. To help celebrate – and protect the turtles – Pacsafe has launched a couple of interesting products that will not only contribute to conservation efforts, but help clean up the seas too.

Pacsafe has just launched its Travelsafe 3L Econyl portable safe and its Vibe 28 Econyl Anti-Theft backpack, both of which are made from from a revolutionary new fabric that is good for the environment. The company calls this material Econyl and the fibers that make up the fabrics are made from pre- and post-consumer waste that has been taken from the oceans. Most of that material consists of discarded fishing nets and other nylon products, which can create entanglement obstacles for turtles around the world.

The process for creating Econyl is a fairly straight forward one. The waste is pulled out of the ocean, sent to a depolymerization plant, and processed into nylon yarn. That material is than used to create new products, like the Travelsafe 3L and Vibe 28 backpack.

Pacsafe sent me a sample of the Travelsafe 3L Econyl and much like their other products, it is durable, rugged, and built to keep our valuables safe while on the road. As the name implies, this is a portable safe that comes with a TSA-friendly lock to help keep its contents secure. The Econyl is embedded with the company’s 360º eXomesh technology, which makes it nearly impossible to cut through, thus keeping would-be thieves at bay. The Travelsafe also comes with a steel cable that allows it to be lashed to stationary objects, preventing anyone from grabbing it and making off with the precious contents inside.

Similarly, the Vibe 28 backpack is made from the same materials and is designed to have anti-theft features that keep its contents safe too. The difference between the two products is that while the Travelsafe is shaped like a pouch that fits inside your existing packs and luggage, the Vibe is a backpack that has been built from the ground up to be completely secure, including lockable zip tabs, built-in sport locks, and slash proof fabrics and straps.

These two products are special limited edition models that have been released to celebrate Pacsafe’s 20th anniversary, but they have another purpose too. The Travelsafe 3L Econyl and Vibe 28 Econyl are available today, with 100% of the profits generated from their sale going to Pacsafe’s own Turtle Fund.

If you’re in the market for a travel backpack, the Vibe is a great option at $129.95, while the Travelsafe 3L is a good choice for frequent travelers who need a bit of extra security while on the road. It retails for $69.95. Both products are helping save the environment and protecting the turtles too.

Kraig Becker