The Rebelle Rally is the Off-Road Adventure Just for Women

Female adventurers looking for a unique new challenge should look no further than the Rebelle Rally. This off-road navigation rally raid is the first of its kind in the U.S., with only women allowed to compete. This wild adventure will take competitors deep into the wilderness on an 8-day driving adventure that is more about skill, patience, and precision rather than speed.

The Rebelle Rally will take place from October 11 – 20, with the start taking place in Tahoe, California and the finish line located in Southern California. As is common with an event such as this one, the exact route is shrouded in secrecy, particularly since finding checkpoints and navigating through the wilderness is a big part of the adventure. We do know however that the route will cover some 2000 km (1242 miles) through California and Nevada, with the final stop in San Diego.

As you would expect, GPS devices are not allowed. Instead, the two-woman teams will have to navigate using just a compass and a map, with some roadbooks used for some of the challenges. The competitors will be tasked with locating checkpoints along the course, some of which will be well hidden along the dirt roads, double tracks, and even open desert that must be explored in order to find them. Live tracking will allow fans to follow along from back home once the race is underway.

Teams taking part in the rally can compete in two different vehicle classes. Some will drive 4×4 vehicles with a low-range, two-speed transfer case throughout the rally, while others will use unibody crossover vehicles. The 4x4s include a variety of Jeeps, Land Rover LR4s, and a Ford Rubicon. The crossover options include a Jaguar F-Pace, Honda Ridgeline, and Subaru Outback. And if potential teams don’t have a vehicle of their own, they can be rented prior to the start of the rally.

The entry fee for a team is $12,000, which includes meals, drinks, a nightly base camp, and accommodations prior to the start and following the end of the race. Meals are prepared by Michelin-starred chef Drew Deckman each day as well, and there will be pre- and post-rally celebrations in Tahoe and San Diego.

Those looking to get a sense of what the Rebelle Rally is all about can check out the excellent highlight reel from the 2017 edition below. You’ll also find all of the info you need at the official website. Personally, I’m excited to see what this event is all about and I’m glad to see more opportunities for the ladies to have their own adventures too. This is going to be wild.

Kraig Becker