Adventure Tech: Backpacker Offers 8 Great Gadgets for Fall Hiking

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Its no secret that technology had invaded pretty much every aspect of our lives, including our time in the outdoors. Whether you’re simply carrying a smartphone with you on the trail or go armed with a fleet of electronic devices, chances are you’re relying on technology now more than ever. For some of us, those gadgets have brought a nice level of convenience and connectivity to our adventurous pursuits, while for others they have become a nuisance. Either way, more and more brands are delivering high-tech gear for use in the outdoors, some of which is truly groundbreaking. 

To help us sort through some of those devices, Backpacker magazine has posted a story that shares the 8 best gadgets for use on autumn hikes. Now, nothing about these items limits them to use just in the fall of course, but they are all useful pieces of gear that can provide a host of features and functionality while wandering in the backcountry. 
Some of the gadgets that earned a spot on the list include the new SPOT X satellite messenger, as well as its competitor the Garmin InReach Mini. Garmin is also represented in the round-up by its fēnix 5 watch as well. Other items include a pair of truly wireless earbuds, a super-lightweight headlamp, the latest action camera from GoPro, and more. And while most of these devices aren’t particularly new, they do bring some very useful technology to the trail, without adding a lot of bulk to your pack. In some cases, these gadgets might even save your life, making them more useful than some of the things we might carry on our adventures.
If you’re interested in finding out more about these devices and wanted to see what else made the list, you can read the entire article here
Kraig Becker