Gear Closet: Danner Crater Rim Boots

Danner Crater Rim Boots

Danner Crater Rim Boots: There are a lot of companies that make hiking boots these days, many of which have no business doing so. They stock their line-up with way too many options and colors, and they seem more designed for fashion than function. That isn’t the case with Danner, however, a company that has … Read more

Gear Box: Cushe Surf Slipper Chuka

Cushe Surf Slipper Chuka

A comfy pair of shoes is one of the great joys in life. When you find a pair you really like, you tend to hang on to them – sometimes for far too long. That will likely be the case if you ever put a pair of Surf Slipper Chukas, from Cushe, on your feet. … Read more