Yukon Arctic Ultra Update

The Yukon Arctic Ultra continues toward the finish line, living up to it’s moniker of “The world’s coldest and toughest ultra!” The marathon length and 100 mile events are done, but the 300 and 460 mile races are still on going.

As noted previously, Richard Malz-Heyne of Germany won the marathon, while Shelley Gellatly of Canada has claimed the 100 mile crown. Meanwhile, Stefano Miglietti and Enrico Ghidoni, both of Italy share the lead in the 300 mile event. Hmm..both from Italy? I smell a conspiracy here! Finally, Andy Heading, from England, leads the 460 mile race.

Looking over the leaderboard there are an awful lot of “DNF’s” accumulating. One can only imagine what conditions are like out on the course. The race is held in Whitehorse, Canada, where the temperature today is 3 degrees F, with windchills down around -8 or so.

Kraig Becker

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