The Best Hike Challenge!

Remember back in December when posted their Top Ten Hikes In The World? There were some amazing suggestions for places to Hike, like the Annapurna Circuit or Kilimanjaro. Well, now they’ve upped the ante with an interesting challenge, complete all ten hikes in one continuous series of treks over a five month period!

While the challenge is a bit tongue in cheek in it’s approach, it’s still an interesting idea to be sure. Be sure to check out the comments on this particular blog entry, as Best Hike Editor Rick McCharles estimates that it will cost a minimum of $10,000 US to attempt such a feat, and more likely would be in the ballpark of about $13,000.

Oh, if only I had the money, and time off work, to take you up on your challenge Rick. It sure would make for one hell of an adventrue.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “The Best Hike Challenge!”

  1. You should get to go along to insure that who ever takes up the challenge does it “properly”! 🙂 It seems only fair!

    I’m doing one of the Hikes on the list. I’m off to Kili at the end of the month.

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