Dangerous Destinations 2007

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Forbes.com has released their list of the Most Dangerous Destinations for 2007.

For most travlers this would probably be a list of place to NOT go, but for some of you it’s probably a checklist of places to visit instead. You’ll find the usual suspects on the list including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and more. Not exactly your typical vacation hot spots, but a good list to be aware of none the less.

The article gets a bit philosophical when it discusses whether or not the World is actually becoming more dangerous, or if we actually are just perceiving it as more dangerous thanks to the increasing news coverage around the globe. Forbes seems to lean towards the perception theory. They also discuss how travel abroad is becoming more dangerous as terrorists have begun targeting so called “soft targets” such as tourist sites, commuter busses and trains, and other civilian locations.

Be sure to check out the complete list in the Dangerous Destinations photo gallery.

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3 thoughts on “Dangerous Destinations 2007”

  1. That is the reality out there, but it’s too bad. Think of all the amazing places we could go in this world with friends and family.

  2. I agree. There are several places on that list I’d love to visit, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. After all Iraq is the cradle of civilization.

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