2007 Daypack Reviews

Long time readers of my blog probably have heard me mention my pension for buying new backpacks. I have five that are in semi-regular rotation already, and I’ve pretty much banned myself from going near the packs in REI when I visit the store these days. However, it came to my attention on Kilimanjaro that I actually really do need another pack! The daypack I was using on that trip was a bit too small for the amount of gear we needed to pack along with us, and I often found myself stuffing my lunch into an already overstuffed pack. The solution seems simple. I need a bigger day pack!

Fortunately for me TrailSpace.com has posted a 2007 Daypack Review page with some thoughs on some of the hot new daypacks hitting the market now. The reviews aren’t long by any means, but the give nice, concise, thoughts on each pack and what it’s strengths and weaknesses are and the activites that they are best suited for.

I’m already eyeing that Black Diamond Demon pack or perhaps the Osprey Talon 33. Hmm… so many choices!

Kraig Becker

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