Gear Junkie’s Best Gear: #6 and #5

The contdown continues over at where in celebration of five years of gear reveiws, Stephen is handing out his list of the best gear from the last five years.

Coming in at #6 on the list is Hydropel from Genesis Pharmaceuticals. Hydropel is a slick gel that you apply to your feet before a long hike to help prevent blisters. It repels water and will last the whole day no matter what you’re activity. Gear Junkie says he uses it hiking, backpacking, climb, adventure racing, and even in marathons Sounds like it must be pretty good stuff, and a bargain at 13 bucks a tube.

Weatherpants from Rail Riders hold down the number five spot. These quick drying, and tough, outdoor pants are light weight, comfortable, and can still take a beating. Perfect for any type of outdoor activity and a good edition to anyones gear closet. I actually own a pair of these, and I can vouch for their reliablity.

Two more great gar items tomorrow!

Kraig Becker

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