Rest of Everest: Tibet 2007 Teaser Video

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In a clear sign that I’m still not back to my regular schedule, I completely missed this a few days ago. The Tibet 2007 Teaser Video is now available over at The Rest of Everest.

Fans of the video podcast know that Jon, the Director/Photographer/Producer/Jack-of-All-Trades of The Rest of Everest, returned to Nepal and Tibet to meet with some new teams and visit Everest Base Camp on the North side. The trip will provide future episodes of the show with new content and a fresh look at life on Everest and in Tibet as well. Judging from this great teaser, which runs more than 33 minutes in length, we’re in for some excellent future episodes. Even better, if you’ve donated to the show you get an amazing HD version of the teaser that will really have your mouth watering. I need to go buy an AppleTV so I can watch it again on my HDTV.

By the way, if you missed all the great podcasts, dispatches, and updates from Jon while he was in Tibet, you can get caught up on the Tibet 2007 page. I’m looking forward to seeing the 2007 episodes eventually as well, but first we’ll get a return to the current Rest of Everest podcasts.

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6 thoughts on “Rest of Everest: Tibet 2007 Teaser Video”

  1. Hopefully Jon catches this… I know he frequents this blog.

    Jon: What camera equipment did you have on this trip? Which HD camera were you using during filming.

  2. I’m sure Jon will be along with an answer for you, but if not, I’ll drop him a line and find out what he’s using.

    You can actually see the camera at one point in the video when he’s helping another person with the same one. Looks like a great camera with a nice mix of being compact and yet still offering great video.

    I can’t wait to see more of the Tibet 2007 stuff!

  3. No problem, guys.

    I purchased a Sony HVR-A1U for the trip as well as a .7x wide-angle adapter and 4 of the super high-capacity batteries.

    I always buy the pro models, but if you do not need the extra features (XLR auido being #1) you can pick up a consumer “HandyCam” version for a LOT less $$.

    I was very pleased with the camera except for one point: I bought it only days before leaving for TIbet and didn’t know that the viewfinder does not show the entire image…and therefore you can see some of the fur of my mic’s windscreen in most shots with the wide-angle lens. Bummer.

    The camera is a tough little guy and now that I know it’s quirks, I’ll use it more often. I have a couple of better, larger cameras…but this A1U is sooo small I can just put it in a pocket and go.

    If you remember Major King from the podcast…he’s borrowing it right now!


  4. Thanks for the info on the camera Jon. It sure looks like a sweet model! I’m a tech gadget geek along with all the other gear items I lust over as well. I may need to add one of these to my wish list.

  5. Thanks for the info Jon.

    I’ll be taking a consumer HD camcorder from Canon on a trip to Mexico later this month. Will be my first itme playing around with an HD capable camera, should be fun.

    I’ll be borrowing it so it will give me a good test run with filming HD footage on a trip, I usually just stick to photography.

    The good thing with the Canon HD camera is the size. It is literaly small enough to fit in a pocket. The thing is tiny. The downside is of course the fact that it is a consumer camera so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Sony.

    The HVR-A1U looks fantastic and $2,499 ( isn’t really all that bad when you consider the capabilities that camcorder brings to the table.

    Thanks again.

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