Costa Rican Eco-Tours

Costa Rica practically invented the term ecotourism. The country has been promoting itself as a hotspot for adventures in the jungle, mountains, ocean, and beach for some time. If you’ve always wanted to go, but weren’t sure what the country had to offer, then you’re in luck as has posted a short be insiteful guide to what you can expect there.

The article starts off with some information about the background of Costa Rica, a little history, a little about the culture there, and a bit about all the activities that you’ll have at your disposal. The article is further broken down into subsections. The Do It Yourself section lists all kinds of adventures you can plan and do independently, such as hiking a volcano or going on a jungle safari. The section entiled The Vitals gives you the skinny on the best time to go and what to bring on the trip. Finally, the third tells you how to Go Guided with suggestions on all inclusive trips.

Costa Rica seems like a beautiful destination and you can’t deny the incredible activites that you can do while in that tiny country. It use to be fairly high on my list of places to visit, but from what I understand, the amount of tourists there now is quite high. I think it would take quite a bit to get off the, now well beaten, path. Still, for a quick, and easy getaway with a lot to offer, you could do worse.

Kraig Becker