New York Times Reviews The Grand Canyon Skywalk

I came across this article from the New York Times while browsing The Goat Blog over at

It’s the first review I’ve seen on that fance new Skywalk that the Hualapai Indians built over the Grand Canyon. The $30 million structure projects 70 feet out over the canyon, and is transparent, allowing visitors to seemingly walk out into space. Customers have been lining up to pay $75 a pop to stroll out onto the Skywalk, and to experience an intense form of vertigo.

The reviewer isn’t all that impressed however, as he felt that there were just as stunning of views not that far away that would cost you nothing, and wouldn’t have the natural setting destroyed by a man made mounument to consumerism. He went on to say that the Tribe’s near by resort does nothing for the setting either, and that you’re better served spending your time, and money, on the North or South Rims.

Personally, I thought paying $25 for the experience was a bit much when it was reported that that would be the cost to walk out on to the Skywalk. However, I figured at that price, you could still cough up the dough and not feel completely ripped off. But $75? Forget it! I’m sure the experience is one that has to be seen to be enjoyed completely, but I’ll take my 75 clams and go elsewhere. Like, you know, down into the Canyon itself.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “<i>New York Times</i> Reviews The Grand Canyon Skywalk”

  1. What?? $75? At first I thought you typo’d but then I kept reading….I think I rather invest in a nice pair of hiking boots and hit the trails…to put this in perspective a Sherpa on Everest makes roughly $3 a day…you could buy a sherpa for 25 days..kind of sad really.

  2. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. That price is insane. I can buy a lot of gear for 75 bucks. No way I’d pay that for it.

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