Outdoor Weblog Interviews … Well… Me!

The Outdoor Weblog has posted the second of their new weekly feature entitled “The Outdoor Enthusiast Next Door”, and it just happens to be an interview with yours truly.

New Blog Queen Terah Shelton read about my recent trip to Africa and asked if I’d mind answering a few questions on the trip. What you see published on her blog is ther result, along with a few pictures from my safari gallery.

A big thanks to Terah for giving me the opportunity to write about my trip and sharing it with her readers. She did a great job of making me look good and selecting some of my favorite pics to accompany the article. I fully intend to continue my summary of the Kili climb here as well, once I get a little time to catch up, and more detailed thoughts on the safari as well.

Update: Part 2 of the interview has been posted on the website if you’re interested in more.

Kraig Becker

7 thoughts on “Outdoor Weblog Interviews … Well… Me!”

  1. It was a nice honor to be asked to be interviewed and to get to re-live the trip. It’ll help me pass the time until I can go off on my next adventure! 😉

  2. Hey Kraig,

    Liked the Interview. Glad you are getting some recognition. Feels pretty good when you get noticed for doing something that you love.

    I felt the same way after ExplorersWeb credited me with a story. ha,ha. Great trip and great Interview.

    So when’s Everest? K2? How about some Gator wrestlin in the bayou…you have many options my friend;)

  3. Not quite ready for Everest or K2, but bring on that gator! 😉 As I said in the interview, I’m already planning my next trip. They just don’t come as often as I would like.

    I need to get a new job that pays me to travel, write, and take pictures. Anyone know where I can get one of those? 🙂

  4. Yeah, National Geographic…but we will see how my interview goes first. Haha.

    Take care at that convention and show them what you got!

    Catch you on the flip-side, but hurry back..

  5. While you’re interviewing, ask them if they have a job for me too. I can be your intern or something! 🙂

    Seriously though, I think working at Geo would be one of my dream jobs.

    Thanks for the well wishes on the convention. I’ll be back ASAP! 🙂

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