The Rest of Everest : Episode 48

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The latest episode of The Rest of Everest may be a day later than usual, but it’s always worth the wait. We’re up to Episode 48: May 20th, Camp 3. Rest of Everest producer Jon Miller is joined by Lhawang Dhondup this week as the two narrate this episode, once again offering some great insight.

The episode opens with Jon attempting to contact Camp 2 to pass along a message from the parents of one of the climbers who had reached him by e-mail. The scene is a good indication of what communication on the mountain is like as teams struggle to stay in contact. In this case, John couldn’t hear Rupert, the person he was chatting with, but Rupert could hear him. Trying to get his message delivered with a non-cooperative radio seems to be highly frustrating. Technology has come a long way, but there is still room for improvement.

Other footage in this episode included a jubilant and celebratory Indian team in ABC whose climbers had topped out that day. Then the scene shifts up to Camp 2 and above as we follow the climbers up the mountain. The climbing footage is once again quite compelling, with some great shots of climbers scrambling up some very steep sections over some large, exposed rocks, and lots of loose scree. The shots back down the valley at the other peaks in the area are also amazing.

For regular viewers of the show, we’re well into the summit bit, and Jon promises more climbing footage next week, with Summit Day coming in two episodes, nicely timed with the 50th Episode. I for one can’t wait to see the next few episodes, and you can rest assured that Jon has some plans in mind for future episodes as well.

Kraig Becker

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