The Rest of Everest: Episode 52

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The expedition that we’ve all been following at The Rest of Everest continues this week with Episode 52: Back Home…

In this episode we see what life is like at Base Camp after the team has summitted, and the support crews are waiting for their friends to come back down. In this case, Jon is in BC waiting for the return of Ben and Lhawang, who had descended to ABC at this point, and were resting up before they descended to rejoin their companions. Watching the reunion, in the dark no less, was interesting. You can tell that Ben was exhausted upon his return, and he remarks on spending 16 days above 21,000 feet, and how sluggish he felt.

At this point in the expedition, everyone seems ready to get off the mountain and go home. It’s been 40+ days on Everest, and now that their mission is accomplished, it’s time to return to civilization. Next week, we’ll get a debrief from Ben on the climb as a whole and the summit specifically. I’m guessing that will be a fun and insightful episode to watch.

Kraig Becker

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