New Gear From Lowe Alpine

lowess08p04 has news fresh from Summer OR on some new products coming soon from Lowe Alpine.

First up, the have some great looking shell jackets coming this Fall with all the expected amenities. The “Pro” level gear is said to be light, comfortable, and warm, while still allowing for ventilation and movement. They are also offering up some new designs for their rain shells, fleece line, and more casual hiking jackets. Judging from the pictures with the article, I’d say it all looks good and is functional too, with water proof zippers, stow away hoods, and pit vents on the higher end gear.

More interesting for me though, was the new line of Air backpacks that is set for a Spring release. The new packs look like they have been designed very well to carry all your gear comfortably, while providing good stability in an attractive package. Where the packs seem to really shine is in access and the ability to compress your load down to as small of package as possible. The trend in packs right now is to provide as much ventilation between the pack and your back, and it looks like these new packs will follow suit.

My large, multi-day pack is a Lowe Alpien and I like it quite a bit. I can stuff tons of gear into, and even though it’s several years old, it’s held up well and has a design that makes it comfortable to wear. Since I’m still in the market for a good 2-3 day pack, these new weekend packs might just do the trick. I’ve been leaning towards the GoLite Lite-Speed pack, but I’ll have to give these a good look before I decide. So many packs… so little money…

Thanks to the Backcountry Goat Blog for the heads up on the new gear!

Kraig Becker

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