All Kinds of Mountaineering Updates!

ExWeb has posted a couple of updates on the emerging Fall season in the Himalaya and the quickly closing season in the Karakorum.

First up, over on K2 we get word that Denis Urubko and Serguey Samoilov’s bid to open a new route on the North Face may be in serious jeopard since Serguey has come down with a case of bronchitis. They have descended to the glacier, and are trying to treat him, but for now, things look grim. Also on K2, Maxut and Vassily have descended to C2 and are safely in camp and resting. Still no word on their plans to give it another go before the end of the season.

Remaining in the Karakorum, but moving over to Broad Peak, Jean Troillet and the rest of his team have left the mountain and have begun the long trek out to the nearest town, where they hope to catch a flight to Islamabad in the next few days. They are expected to depart Pakistan altogether by Sept. 7th.

While things are winding down in the Karakorum, the Fall season in the Himalaya is just starting to warm up. We now have reports that a team from Thailand has arrived to take a crack at Everest. The nine member team is currently in Kathmandu, but is scheduled to leave for Lukla soon. They are climbing to celebrate the Thai King’s 80th birthday.

Expeditions to Shisha Pangma are departing for the mountain as I write this. Some members of Jamie McGuinness’ team have already left for BC, while others remain in Lhasa, where you’ll also find Alan Arnette who has posted a dispatch about his latest sight seeing adventures in that city.

Meanwhile, the Alpine Ascents Team has arrived in BC on Cho Oyu, and will soon be joined by a team from Adventure Consultants who are currently acclimatizing in Shegar.

Finally, it sounds like the road to Dhaulagiri is a bit tenuous at the moment, as recent rains have caused many landslides, making the going tough.

Kraig Becker

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