Primal Quest Updates

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While we still wait for an announcement on the location for the 2008 Primal Quest, they have made some updates to their website over the past week that will be of interest to fans of adventure racing and Primal Quest in general.

First off, the PQ Store has opened with an assortment of PQ items for purchase. You’ll find books and DVD’s, cool PQ apparel from Rail Riders, and even some PQ stickers and temporary tattoos. Soon they’ll be adding Buffs, water bottles, hats, and other cool gear as well.

Next up, they’ve posted a cool “Blast From The Past” video with the opening and closing ceremony videos from the 2006 Primal Quest. In total, there are four videos, and they do a fine job of reminding us all what an amazing event PQ is and why it’s a race that all fans of adventure racing should be excited to see return. You can view all four videos here.

Finally, the first Competitor Newsletter has been released on the Team Resources page. The PDF document contains a letter from from the “Competitor Relations” team, a preliminary schedule of events, team captain responsibilities, and much much more. I’m sure these newsletters will continue to have more specific details as we get closer to the race, which is still 265 days away as of this writing.

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