Antarctic Update – Bad Weather Continues

While we’re on the topic of all things Antarctic today, has posted another one of their Antarctic Updates with word that bad weather at Patriot Hills has kept a number of teams in Punta Arenas. There was hope today that conditions would improve however, and teams could finally head out onto the ice.

One of the teams already on their way is the Beyond Endurance Team, an Irish team that hopes to make a traverse of the continent via the South Pole. They’ve been out for nearly two weeks, and have had to deal with the poor conditions and frostbite early on, but things have begun to look up, with the weather improving. They will likely receive a supply drop of gloves and other warm weather gear, but aside from that, they are none the worse for wear and are proceeding as planned.

Adrian Hayes continues his quest for the “Third Pole”, having already summitted Everest and gone to the North Pole, he’s got his sights firmly set on the South now. He’s traveling with several other explorers and all of them have a few nagging injuries, such as tendentious and Achilles strains. He also notes that while the storms rage at Patriot Hills, where his team is at, it’s calm and clear, with a stillness that brings a sense of peace and isolation. I would imagine there is no place on Earth that can deliver that same sense like Antarctica.

Hopefully the weather will clear soon and more teams will arrive. There are a number of teams hoping to head to Vinson and still others who are planning their expeditions to the Pole, but for now they must wait.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Antarctic Update – Bad Weather Continues”

  1. I can only imagine what it is like there. These guys are so lucky to be there minus the frostbitten part.
    Any word from the Adventurist yet? Hope he is skiing it up somewhere or on a big climb.

  2. Still no word from Jason. He better be off on some wild adventure somewhere and he better have good stories when he gets back!

  3. Nope. Don’t think he’s gone away for this long with out saying anything. He didn’t leave a post back in the Summer when he went off camping and hiking for a few weeks, but this has been longer. I just hope all is well with him.

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