Antarctic Update – The Weather Breaks!

beilharz367615 is reporting that the weather at Patriot HIlls has improved allowing for the second wave of Antarctic explorers to arrive on the continent and begin their expeditions. A number of teams had been holed up in Punta Arenas this past week, waiting for their opportunity to hit the ice, which came yesterday at long last. This means we should soon see more reports from various teams as they head to the Pole or Vinson.

The Beyond Endurance Team is still more than 500 miles from the Pole, but are reporting good progress, despite team member Shaun experiencing a “bathroom emergency” yesterday morning, that left his teammates waiting in the cold. Reports like these remind us that even on the most daring of adventures, you have to heed the call of nature. Literally and figuratively. 😉

Meanwhile, Adrian Hayes continues his quest for the “third pole” and reports that he, and his companions, are picking up speed. Yesterday they set a new distance record for the expedition, gaining over 14 nautical miles in their pursuit of the Pole. He discusses the need to stay on pace in his report, saying that they are carrying enough food for 52 days, and while a resupply is an option, they mean to go unsupported to the Pole. In order to achieve that goal though, everyone needs to stay health and focused. He also notes that they are only as fast as their slowest team member.

It looks like now that the weather has improved, the Antarctic season can finally get into full swing. Expect to hear more over the coming weeks as more and more people hit the ice.

Kraig Becker

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