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Now that Winter is officially here, and the holidays are behind us, it’s time to get back to the activities that we enjoy. Namely hiking. Backpacker Magazine recently posted their Top 3 Winter Hut Treks in the United States. So, if you’re looking for a little long distance backpacking, with a nights stay in a cozy hut, then check out your these choices:

Carter Notch Hut, New Hampshire
Located near Carter Dome and the Wildcat Ski Area, this hut is the oldest of all the huts in the Appalachian Mountain Club’s hut system, dating back to 1904. It sleeps 40 people and at just $25 a night, you can spend some time snow shoeing in the beautiful New Hampshire backcountry.

Mt. Tahoma Trail, Washington
The Mt. Tahoma trail offers 25 miles of groomed trails to explore just West of Mt. Rainier. Along those 25 miles you’ll find a number of huts that you can call home for the night, and these huts are free to use, although there are $15 in daily fees that you’ll need to pay in order to gain access to this wintery wonderland. The article notes that the region actually has quite a few other trails as well, but much of it is closed for the season due to serious storm damage. Still, it sounds like there are plenty of things to see and do for skiers and snowshoers alike.

10th Mt. Division Huts, Colorado
This hut system consists of 31 cabins, all located between 9,700 and 11,700 feet, spread out over miles of trail that offers spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains. These aren’t your bare bones huts however, as you’ll be treated to some swanky digs while you enjoy your backcountry excursion that can include a 17 mile, three day, hike or ski through the pristine Colorado snow. These huts are in the $28-$33/night range, and you’ll have to book well in advance to reserve your bunk. Still, it sounds like a really great way to get out on a trail with some friends and enjoy a unique Winter experience.

These all sound like excellent suggestions. Anyone have any more to add to the list?

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Winter Hikes From Backpacker Magazine”

  1. I did my first 10th Mountain hut trip about 20 years ago. Before that I’d done winter camping in sub-zero weather. Huts are definately the way to go. Next month should make my 9th year in a row going to 10th Mountain’s Eiseman Hut

  2. Wow! Very cool! Obviously you must love the area if you keep going back.

    Agreed on the staying in huts as opposed to tents as well. Nothing like trying to get some sleep, bundled up in a sleeping bag, freezing your @$$ off.

  3. Those 10th Mountain Division trips sounds just great!
    As one who has spent many nights out in the deep snow, staying in huts like that would allow for so much more enjoyment. They look to be nicely linked up as well with reasonable distances between.
    UltraRob sounds like he has really had fun doing this!

  4. I agree with you DSD. The huts sound like a great alternative to freezing in a tent. Reasonably priced as well.

    Perhaps we can get Rob to post some thoughts on the experience either here or on his own blog. The fact that he keeps going back all these years says something! 🙂

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