Washington Post Interviews Jon Bowermaster

A few weeks back the Washington Post published an interview with Jon Bowermaster as he continues his exploration of Antarctica via Kayak.

The Q&A Session is a good one with Jon talking about the inspirations for the trip, which continues his Oceans 8 Expeditions to explore the health of the World’s seas. He decided to under take this journey following a 1999 seas kayak trip to the Aleutian Islands, and has been pursuing those goals since then. The trip to Antarctica is just the most recent of those voyages. He also talks about how up close and personal you can get to the natural surroundings by exploring in a kayak, noting that their boats were struck by sharks in French Polynesia, and that his team has swum with dolphins and whales while on the various expeditions.

Jon also says that through each of his journeys, he’s seen three common themes no matter where he’s gone. The evidence of climate change is undeniable, as is the fact that there is overfishing going on in all corners of the globe. Lastly, he remarks that they’ve seen a lot of plastic pollution as well, something that certainly isn’t good for the health of the oceans.

All in all, an excellent interview and definitely one to read if you’ve been following Jon’s exploits over the past few months either on the National Geographic Adventure page or at the Hardwear Sessions Blog where I came across this story today.

Kraig Becker

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