Beth Rodden Puts Up New 5.14c Route In Yosemite

Rock Climbing goddess Beth Rodden has put up a tough new route in Yosemite according to The Alpinist. The new route, located near Cascade Falls, has been named Meltdown.

Rated a 5.14 route already, with those who have seen it calling it a 5.14c, the climb is said to be amongst the toughest in Yosemite. The Alpinist says the new route has been called “improbable” with a 45 foot climb up an ultra-thin finger crack. At the top of the crack it flows into seams that are described as “discontinuous”. To add to the challenge, a waterfall plummets just to the left, and continually sprays light water onto the route.

Meltdown is described as Rodden’s toughest route yet, which is saying something considering her extensive experience and impressive resume. This seems like a beautiful and very challenging route just from the description alone, and she admitted that she worked harder on this route than any other she’s put up so far.

Thanks to The GoBlog for sharing this story.

Kraig Becker

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