Jon Bowermaster Reflects on Antarctica

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Paddling Life has posted a short, but really nice story in which Jon Bowermaster reflects on his time paddling Antarctica earlier this year. You might recall that Bowermaster, and his team, spent two weeks, and traveled more than 500 miles, as part of his Oceans 8 expedition.

The goal of the expedition was to get up close and personal with the Antarctic ice pack and to determine the impact of global warming on it’s overall health. Bowermaster, who is an excellent paddler, thought that the best way to do that was by kayaking through the region, weaving in and out of the ice bergs, and exploring remote locations seldom visited by humans.

The Oceans 8 program was conceived as a way of gauging the overall health of the planet by paddling some of it’s iconic waterways. The Antarctic leg of the journey was the final one, but Bowermaster and his crew also explored the Aleutian Island, the coasts of Vietnam, and remote areas of Tasmania, amongst other places.

In the article from Paddling Life, Bowermaster talks about what it was like to spend his days south of the Antarctic circle, with nothing but a thin kayak separating him from the ice cold water. He also mentions his favorite day, which involved a close encounter with a leopard seal. The story is a brief but interesting read.

You can also learn more about Jon and his team at

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