The Rest of Everest: Episode 82

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Wednesday brings us another great episode of The Rest of Everest as our journey along with Jon Miller and Scott Jacobs through Tibet and eventually culminating with a visit to Everest Base Camp on the North Side.

The episode begins with us still in Shegar, a small town along the road to BC. Jon opens the show with a demonstration of how mens and women’s bathrooms are the same around the world, no matter how primitive and remote the facilities are. From there it’s on to a tea house to see the inside of one of the traditional tourist inns.

Later we get a shot of Lobsang, Jon and Scott’s guide, and their driver, enjoying the Rest of Everest podcast on Jon’s video iPod. The two men seem to quite enjoy the show as they catch up on some of the older episodes, and in an art imitates life imitates art moment, we get new video footage for the Rest of Everest, of two people in Tibet watching the Rest of Everest. Does all that makes sense? 😉

Other highlights of the episode include the world’s most pathetic cat, outside of my own of course, begging for dinner from Scott, and the famous sign showing the turn off to Everest. Which means we’re getting close to the destination. The mountain is nearly in sight, and it won’t be long until we’re there.

Jon ends the episode by saying that next week we will indeed see the mountain, but these Tibetan episodes help to underscore what kind of journey the climbers go through just to get to the mountain. At this point, Jon and Scott are in their 11th day of their trip, and they still haven’t seen the mountain. Not long now though. Not long now.

Kraig Becker

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