More GPS Love From Garmin

garmin colorado 400
Hot on the heels of their very well received Colorado 300 and 400 GPS devices, it looks like Garmin is ready to drop a couple of new handhelds on us.

According to this story over at Gizmodo we can expect a new line of GPS units dubbed the “Oregon” line which don’t really appear to vary that much from their “Colorado” counterparts. The units share similar screens and functionality although these new models are slightly smaller, even if they aren’t all that much more affordable. Gizmodo lists them at $450 for the Oregon 200 and $600 for the Oregon 400.

By most accounts, the Colorado series are pretty great units. The bright screens and touch interface makes them easy to navigate and the built in maps are fairly detailed and accurate. They also offer a host of options for what ever activity you’re into from hiking to geocaching to navigating the coast lines. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the “Oregon” units bring to the table if anything.

Kraig Becker

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