American Attempts “Peak and Pond”

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The Des Moines Register published a story yesterday about native Iowan Charlie Wittmack, who later this week will attempt to become the first American to complete the “Peak and Pond” challenge, which entails climbing Mt. Everest and swimming across the English Channel.

Charlie already knocked off Everest back in 2003, when he reached the summit of that mountain at the age of 26, becoming the first person from his home state to do so. Despite the fact that climbing Everest was, up until that point, his lifelong dream, it just wasn’t enough, and hence the plan to swim the Channel and become just the fourth person ever to do both.

Swimming across the English Channel has long been one of the most challenging physical human endeavors. It’s 21 miles from the U.K. to France, but due to tidal forces, it generally ends up being more like 30-40 miles. Charlie estimates that it’ll take him about 12 hours to cross, with hypothermia and exhaustion his greatest concerns.

Good luck Charlie and thanks to the Outside Blog for the news on this one.

Kraig Becker

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