Ueli Steck Completes New Route On The Eiger!

800px Eiger 2415
Climbing superman Ueli Steck, along with partner Stephan Siegrist, have put up a new route on the Eiger, free climbing a difficult line along it’s North Face. The Hardwear Sessions Blog has the scoop directly from Ueli himself who says:

Stephan belayed and supported me. Together we climbed this very difficult and demanding rock climb on the Eiger Northface. Two pitches have the difficulty of 7c+, one pitch 8a and the rest of the pitches vary mostly between 7a and 7b+.

He goes on to define “free climbing” which helped to give the new route it’s name:

This means that the route has to be climbed without falling and the bolts and the installed belays cannot be used to forward or to rest. The route is climbed only by using the natural structures: the rock. Only when a route is free climbed, is she definitively climbed. And now she also has a name. “Paciencia,” which means “patience.”

Congrats to Ueli and Stephen. Sounds like a really challenging climb. Ueli notes that now that he’s finished up this climb, not to mention plenty others this year, he can finally go on holiday where he’ll “sport climb: what else!”

Kraig Becker

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