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As a follow up to their recent story on the K2 tragedy, Outside Online now has an interactive timeline of the entire incident that is designed to help us understand where and when things happened on the mountain.

The timeline starts with some basic information on K2, explaining the Abruzzi and Cesen Routes, and illustrating their shared Camp 4. From there it goes into the actual timeline itself, using photos and diagrams to show how things progressed, with each slide progressing about an hour or so into the climb. A needle along the bottom advances to indicate what time of the day it is when you are reading what exactly happened.

As you advance through the timeline, some of the things we’ve read about over the course of the last two months begin to fall into place and make a bit more sense, and not only do we get to know the mountain more throughly, we also see the faces of the climbers that were struggling on it’s slopes in the early hours of August 1st.

If you’ve been reading the slew of recent articles on the event, the timeline doesn’t really reveal a lot that’s new. It does however put things in perspective and makes it easier to follow how things went down on that day, and the next few days that followed.

Kraig Becker

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