ARWC Reports at SleepMonsters

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Yesterday I mentioned that the Adventure Racing World Championships were underway in Brazil at the Ecomotion race. I lamented the fact that the website was in Portuguese (mainly because I don’t speak Portuguese) as it made it tough to get too much info on what was happening.

Thankfully, the always reliable SleepMonsters is on the case, with race reports from the event like this one, which was updated this morning with news from the field. Apparently, many of the teams raced through the night last night, but lost precious time trying to navigate through the thick jungle in the dark. The trail was said to be marked, but how well it was marked is in question. Teams were also facing challenging navigation, even in broad daylight, and a tough ropes course as well.

As of this posting,, Nike, and Sole were ranked 1, 2, and 3 respectively, having all gone through Checkpoint 20. All three are excellent teams, and it should prove to be an interesting race down the stretch. They also have solid navigation, something that has no doubt helped them to stay on course so far.

At Primal Quest Montana I had a chance to see Nike’s navigational abilities first hand. We had an optional orienteering course set up that gave time credits to every O-point the teams found. Nike, being in the lead, took the time to find every point, and they were on and off the course in no time flat. In the end, they were the only team to find all the points, and receive all the time credits, extending their already huge lead even that much further. I swear they are machines.

Kraig Becker

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