Team wins AR World Championships

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I posted yesterday that it appeared, based on photos on the Ecomotion website, that Team had claimed victory in the 2008 Adventure Racing World Championships. Today we get the details on that victory courtesy of SleepMonsters.

The New Zealand team had their share of adversity on the way to the finish line, but the article talks about how they passed Nike while they were sleeping, and put the pressure on Mike Kloser and the rest of his crew, to try to catch up. Team Sole would later pass Nike on the sailing stage as well, and cross the finish line not far behind Orion, with Nike trailing in third. SleepMonsters notes however that time credits and adjustments will likely put Nike back in second place, although the official leaderboard doesn’t acknowledge that just yet.

So, it seems we have new World Champs. Nike was the reigning team, and of course they tended to be favored in what ever race they enter, but the Kiwi’s raced well, and are also one of the top teams in the world. Yesterday I briefly mentioned that I’d love to see Orion come join us in South Dakota next summer for Primal Quest Badlands, and see if they can give Nike a run for their money on there as well. In case you’re wondering Orion, registration opens next Monday!

Congrats to Orion, Nike, and Sole for their podium finishes. There are still teams crossing the finish line in Brazil, and a big congratulations to them as well. It’s an amazing accomplishment just to finish a race of this kind, and everyone who reaches that point gets a salute from me.

Kraig Becker

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