36 Great Travel Ideas for 2009

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Speaking of planning for trips in 2009, the Times Online has put together an article to get you thinking of where you should be going next year with their 36 Best Travel Ideas for the year ahead.

The article breaks down it’s suggestions by month, which is convenient for those who know when they would like to take a trip, but are unsure if where they would like to go. (Like me!) A quick glance at January for instance, shows such suggestions as attending a music festival in the deserts of Mali or celebrating the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. February offers up the butterfly migration in Mexico or attending Carnival in Salvador.

The rest of the months have similar great travel ideas that range all over the globe with a wide variety of travel experiences. You’ll find festivals, concerts, stage shows, wildlife escapes, outdoor adventures, and a whole lot more. These excursions range from being relaxed and tame to quite adventurous and challenging, depending on your needs, and often times links to websites for booking the trip are also provided.

All in all, a good list of travel ideas for 2009. There is a little something for everyone here. So, load up your iPod with that newly created “travel playlist” from the post below, hit the road, and enjoy a year of travel opportunities.

Kraig Becker

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