Google Earth Helps Scientists Discovery Unexplored Forest

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Here’s a great story in the Telegraph today about how Google Earth was used to discover a hidden forest that had remained unexplored and untouched by man, until the first exploration party visited the region recently.

It seems scientists were using Google’s amazing satellite imaging software to examine remote regions of Mozambique when they discovered small region, about 7000 hectares in size, that had yet to be explored thanks to difficult terrain and on-going conflicts in the area.

Naturally, they dispatched a team to explore the area, and discovered a region of rich biodiversity that included several new species of plants and animals. So far, the team has confirmed three new species of butterflies and a deadly new breed of snakes, and are expected to confirm two new species of plants, and possibly insects as well.

An amazing story. It’s still surprises me that we have these little pockets of untouched Earth that are still waiting for us to explore them and discover new things there. The fact that you can use Google Earth to find them is just another level of cool. I think I’ll go fire up my copy right now and see if I can find my own little piece of unexplored land. Perhaps I can plant a flag there and declare myself Emperor or something.

Kraig Becker

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