World Hum Names Matt Harding Traveler of the Year

Travel site World Hum has named Matt Harding it’s 2008 Traveler of the Year. Who the hell is Matt Harding you ask?? He’s that guy who danced his way around the world and became a hit on YouTube with the video he released. Still not ringing any bells?? Then check out the video below for a reminder.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “World Hum Names Matt Harding Traveler of the Year”

  1. I saw this and was … underwhelmed. I guess he’s making people think about travel and other cultures, but this is the best WH could do? I was far more impressed with Adventure’s Adventurers of the year. Now, THOSE are travelers.

  2. Agreed about the adventurers. Different category of traveler though. This guy is just the “everyman” who got the opportunity to go travel around the world. Not sure he deserves to be the “Traveler of the Year”, but his video is fun. 🙂

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