Motorcycling Through India

PlanetFear has another great article today, this time on exploring India by motorcycle.

Back in 2005, the author of the article, Dave Pickford, spent three months tooling around India with his girlfriend Sarah on their Enfield Bullet 500 motorcycle. After an early bout of “delhi-belly”, they pair were off and running through the Himachal Pradesh region, a place punctuated with stunning mountain views and high altitude roads.

Over the course of their journey Dave and Sarah visit a number of regions in India, and had the opportunity to take in it’s impressively diverse scenery. They captured much of it in their photos, and many of them accompany this story, bringing their adventure home in a visual way. Overall, the article is a bit brief, and may leave you wanting more, but it’s a really intriguing look at exploring the Indian sub-continent in a completely different way.

Kudos to PlanetFear who have had some excellent adventure content on their front page of late. Good stuff.

Kraig Becker

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