Hera Foundation Kicks Off Climb4LIfe Event

The Hera Womenโ€™s Cancer Foundation will kick off their fourth annual Climb For Life program in the Washington D.C. area on Friday, February 27th, with the fundraising event continuing through March 28th.

The month long event is designed to raise funds for research on the causes and cures for ovarian cancer. Participants raise funds by getting sponsors then going to the Earth Treks in Rockville, Maryland and Sportrock in Sterling, Virginia climbing gyms where they will challenge themselves by taking rock climbing classes and tackling difficult climbs on the indoor rock walls.

Registration for the event is a mere $30, which gets you a punch card for 11 days of admissions to the rock gym over the course of the month, a goodie bag full of swag and a sheet for keeping track of progress and raising funds. All of the money raised goes to the support ovarian cancer research at Johns Hopkins University.

For more information send an e-mail to: rkrafch@rei.com.

Kraig Becker

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