Himalaya and Karakorum Winter Update: Summit Push on Broad Peak!

While Simone and Denis may have completed their quest to summit Makalu last week, the team on Broad Peak has continued to toil away. For days they waited in base camp, just hoping for an opportunity to go up, and over the weekend that opportunity came at long last.

According to ExWeb, the BP team started up the mountain on Friday, with an eye on reaching the summit today. The last dispatch from the mountain came on Saturday, when Don Bowie reported that six members of the team shared a tent at C2, where they were reportedly waiting out the high winds before proceeding upwards. If everything stayed on schedule, that would have put them in a position to make their bid today, but as of this writing, there has been no word from the team.

In this case, no news is probably good news, because if the team had descended back to BC, we probably would have heard something, but moving up the mountain could have easily prevented them from making more dispatches. Hopefully we’ll here something definitive soon, as we may be on the verge of history in the Karakorum, since none of the 8000m peaks there have been climbed in winter.

Meanwhile, to see what it was like for Simone and Denis, check out the video they posted on their blog that shows their final day on the mountain as they made their summit bid. Even under all those heavy clothes, Denis’ body language clearly shows his relief at reaching the top. Great video and I’d post it here if I could, but you’ll just have to follow the link.

Kraig Becker

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