Virgin Global Row Update: Slow Progress is Still Progress

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Last week when I posted about the Virgin Global Row I noted that British adventurer Olly Hicks was mostly rowing in circles and working hard just to not lose ground. High winds and ocean currents were conspiring against him, and were continually pushing his rowboat, dubbed the Flying Carrot, backwards, even while the sea anchor was deployed.

This week it has been a bit better for Olly, who is attempting to become the first person to row around Antarctica. The high winds and ocean currents are still there, but they are not buffeting him about, and he’s been able to make solid gains for the past few days. Yesterday he wrote that he had rowed hard to pass the 151ΒΊ longitude point, only to have the wake up the next day back where he had started. He also indicated that he was flirting with the idea of using two sea anchors in hopes of halting his negative drift.

This morning, a new update says tells us that Olly is experiencing the best weather to far. The first few lines of the dispatch sum it up the best. They read as follows:

What bliss, barely a ripple the Carrot lies still on the water, the barometer is the highest its been so far and whilst we have had an E wind it has been very light since the mid afternoon. Life is so much easier not having to hang on all the time.

For now it seems, he is enjoying a bit of a lull before the next inevitable front moves through, bringing the high winds with it once again.

Hang in there Olly!

Kraig Becker

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