Everest Trek 2009: Preparing For The Trek

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I’ve mentioned the Everest Trek 2009 a couple of times before. It’s being led by Jon Miller from The Rest of Everest video podcast and Chris Marquardt of the Tips From The Top Floor podcast which is, for my money, the best photography show on the Internet. The trek combines adventure travel, in the form of a hike up to Everest Base Camp on the South Side, with a photography and videography workshop as well.

The latest episode of Tips From The Top Floor has Jon and Chris chatting for roughly 40 minutes about the trip. And while most of us aren’t going to join them, the trek has been sold out for months, the podcast is quite interesting for anyone who is considering an Everest trek of their own.

The guys touch on a variety of topics, including some discussion on gear, both outdoor and video/photography related. They talk about how to get your batteries recharged in the Khumbu Valley and the effects of cold on those batteries. They also discuss conditions on the trail in regards to cooler temperatures and altitude.

This episode is definitely worth listening to, even if you don’t typically follow the TFTTF podcast. (If you’re into photography you should be!) There is just a wealth of information for those preparing for a high altitude trek and specifically one to Everest BC. My only problem with the episode is makes me wish I were going along all the more.

You can find the episode on the TFTTF website here or subscribe directly to the podcast in iTunes here.

Kraig Becker

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