Mountain Hardwear Launches Outdoor Social Networking Site

Gear manufacturer Mountain Hardwear has launched a new site called The Expedition Republic which looks to be a social networking site for climbers, mountaineers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general.

The splash page for this new endeavor allows you to look around a mountain setting, in pseudo 3D, and click on a few items to get some cool video and more information on some specific topics. There are also links to some of the Mountain Hardwear gear shown in the videos as well, as of course part of the focus it to sell more stuff too.

Clicking the option to sign up for the Republic takes you to a different page which looks more like a traditional social networking site. Here you’ll see who the active members are, find all kinds of useful links related to Mountain Hardwear, and a collection of cool mountaineering and climbing videos. Becoming a member allows you to customize your own page, enter the forums (of which here is only one at the moment), read the Republic Blog, and have access to groups, which presumably will help you connect with other users who share your interests. I say presumably, because as of this writing, there aren’t any groups yet either.

Clearly the Republic is in it’s early stages of development, and MH is trying to build something cool here for the community. if you join now you’ll also be eligible to win some great gear, which is never a bad thing. So, if you’re not already all social networked out with Facebook, Twitter, and the rest, head on over, sign up and join the fun.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Spring is in the air and the hiking boots are starting to do the happy dance in the closet. You just can’t wait for the muddy trails to dry so you can get out and enjoy our wonderful Southern Ontario hiking trails

  2. It is time to hit the trail again for sure. Get those boots a little muddy. That’s what they’re for! 🙂

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