The Rest of Everest Episode 101: Typically Himalayan

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The adventure on Annapurna IV continues this week with another new episode of The Rest of Everest, with climbers Ben Clark and Josh Butson once again joining show producer and host Jon Miller.

In Episode 101: Typically Himalayan, the guys are now a bit more settled into base camp, and have explored the mountain some as well, hiking and skiing the immediate slopes. Early in the episode the team is stuck in their tent, thanks to the lovely Himalayan weather, and they have a chance to reflect some on the climb ahead, and the thoughts that are in their head while they wait for their opportunity to go up the mountain.

Later in the episode, Ben calls home to get a weather report from his father, where he learns that the weather patterns should shift some in the days ahead, but for now theyโ€™ll have to wait for the jet stream to move. The team will need a five day weather window to make an attempt at the summit, but before they can do that, theyโ€™ll need to acclimatize some as well. The plan is to make the climb in alpine style.

This weeks video gives us a lot of images from base camp with some shots of the mountain behind it, while the team sits and waits, something that is common in the Himalaya while they wait for their attempt. While itโ€™s not the most action packed thing to watch, it is part of the experience, as anyone who saw the 2003 Everest expedition will remember.

Kraig Becker

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