Off To Oz!!

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So, having been back from the Amazon a nearly unbearable six weeks (yeah! I know!) I simply have to head out on another adventure. I’m off to Australia this time, where I’ll be exploring the Great Barrier Reef, hiking a rainforest (Yes, another one!), and taking in the local culture and activities in Queensland.

All kidding aside, I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to join a press tour heading Down Under for a week and a half, and I’m excited to visit another place I’ve never been. Internet access will be spotty for most of the trip, so I likely won’t be updating much until after I return on June 5th. At that time, I’ll resume regular postings and fill you in on more details on the trip as well.

Before I go, I want to thank V Australia for hooking me, and my fellow travelers, up with our airline tickets and Backpacking Queensland for showing us, what I’m sure will be, a great time while we’re visiting. I’d also like to thank Julie over at Jam PR for hooking me up with some great gear to test out on the trip. When I get back, I’ll be writing some reviews on new footwear from Keen as well as some other stuff from Outdoor Research. And finally, a big thanks to Cortney from REI for sending me a cool Traverse backpack to test out as well. I can already tell that it’s going to fit my needs nicely, and I’ll post some thoughts on it when I return as well.

Chat with you soon!

Kraig Becker

10 thoughts on “Off To Oz!!”

  1. Enjoy mate! Sad to say i’ve lived in Aus 25 years and i still have yet to go to the Great Barrier Reef!

    Look forward to your reviews.

  2. Nice gig, well done! Where in Queensland are you hiking? Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook island is a ripper!

  3. Have a great trip and don’t fall of the edge of the Earth! We will all be waiting for your stories.

  4. Ugh, I'm so jealous! Sounds like a great adventure! Look forward to your posts when you return!

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. The trip was wonderful, and I had a great time. Didn't really want to come home, and the jet lag has been brutal so far.

    Blog updated will resume in the next day or two. 🙂

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