Karakorum 2009: Another Summit Bid on BP

The Karakorum is getting down right crowded! Well, at least by Karakorum standards. More teams are arriving in base camp and setting up shop, as the season really gets underway. On some of the mountains, the acclimatization process is already underway, and all eyes are turning towards some of the highest, most beautiful, and most challenging summits in the world.

Over on Broad Peak, a second summit bid is underway for Elisabeth Revol , Antoine Girard, and Ludovic Giambasi who made an attempt last weekend but were turned back due to weather. According to ExWeb, the team would be setting of for the South and South East Ridges today and they’ll leave their sat phone behind, so we can expect no communication from the team for the next six days. With any luck, they’ll be topping out by the end of the week.

Staying on Broad Peak, the word is that other teams, including larger commercial teams, are now making their way into base camp. That includes the Field Touring Alpine squad and a team from Iran who will attempt to concentrate on mountaineering while their homeland is in turmoil.

K2 is getting plenty of traffic these days too, with a number of teams having reached BC, including Frederik Ericsson who hopes to ski the mountain. He’ll be joined on the mountain by Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner who is continuing her bid to become the first woman to bag all 14 8000 meter peaks. With two to go, K2 may be the biggest hurdle she has had to overcome.

Gerfried Göschl has his sights set on Nanga Parbet, and has already climbed up to C1, establishing camp there and starting the acclimatization process. Joao Garcia has joined him in base camp, along with a team from South Korea.

Finally, on the various peaks of the Gasherbrums teams are beginning to establish high camps, despite continued bad weather. Don Bowie reports that his team is in good health and good spirits, and that they are preparing to go after either G3 or G4. They hope to have camp 2 established at 6000 meters in the next few days.

The Altitude Junkies made it to base camp on Sunday and are reporting that the bad weather has taken its toll on the porters, who are often woefully prepared for harsh conditions, lacking the proper gear. They do report good weather today however, and are preparing for their Puja Ceremony tomorrow.

Exweb reports that another Iranian team, this time 11-members strong is also on their way to the Gasherbrums and should be in BC for G2 soon. They will no doubt be climbing with heavy hearts with the events taking place back home as well. We wish them, and all the climbers in the Karakorum, good luck. Climb safe!

Kraig Becker

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